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Age/Sex/Location: 24/F/London

Background: BA Hons (1st) Business & Management and French from the University of Manchester. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the University of Westminster.

Interests: Fashion, beauty, marketing, communications and media

Favourite quote: “Happiness is the joy we feel striving towards our potential” – Shawn Achor

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Lipstick and Labels is a fashion and beauty blog which reviews the works and stories of designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, stylists, editors and other creatives from the fashion and beauty industries. In doing so, it reports on the latest hair, make-up and sartorial trends in the Beauty and Style sections but it also explores fashion beyond glossy magazines and the glamour of social media.

Fashion+Culture provides commentary on its portrayal in art and film with reviews of fashion exhibitions and documentaries. The feature articles examine fashion and beauty within the wider context of society, politics and culture. They are usually think-pieces designed to get the brain ticking and stimulate conversation on fashion’s ability to shift cultural norms, to affect and be affected by social change. However, sometimes I also include personal anecdotes of fashion moments that have re-ignited my love for this subject matter and the joy that I feel writing about it. Whether current or nostalgic, these items appeal to previously un-talked about (until now) aspirations and celebrate the stories of icons I have come to recognise as my role models today.

I hope that you will enjoy reading Lipstick and Labels as much as I have the research, developing the content and curating the artwork.


Tammy Olobo